Asheville Web Design Trends- Posana

Posana is located in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC. They offer locally sourced foods to create a sophisticated dining experience for natives and visitors alike in Asheville. With a beautiful location and beautiful food, it is important to have an equally attractive website. Posana Restaurant has done just that.

Effective Trends

When you enter the site, you immediately see a full page hero slide show with an option to open the sandwich menu or to make a reservation. There is also an arrow at the bottom of the page indicating to the user that there is more content below. You are able to either scroll or click the arrow to get to it, which is a nice feature for usability. The full page hero works because the images chosen really give the viewer a sense of the company’s personality. The images are not just of the food, but of the restaurant itself and the friendly staff. Another trend is using more original photos and less stock photos. Martha Pollay, co-owner, is also a photographer so she captures the warmth and authenticity of the business. Posana also uses the “card” container¬†to a showcase events, which is a great use for them because they can set a featured image and description about the event without wasting too much space.

What would improve the Posana site?

One thing that I think Posana would benefit from is a blog. They work very closely with local vendors and the community, so a blog would be a perfect way to showcase this. A blog would also be a good way to share events and employment opportunities. Posana actually has very high engagement on social media so they seem to be in a place where keeping up a blog would be a possibility for them. Another thing that I would add to the home page is a cinemagraph, instead of the slideshow. The slide show is beautiful but think that the food images could be added to the menu page, and the employee pictures to the “About us” page. For the hero, I would love to see the still image of the restaurant with all of the hustle and bustle still moving around it. This would give the site some movement and it would give the visitor a taste of the environment and atmosphere of the restaurant.

I would love to see the Web design trends in your local area! Please comment below what you are loving and what you would improve about your favorite company’s website!



2017 Web Design Trends

Trends are everywhere. From the latest super foods, to clothes, to hobbies. There are also trends in technology, more specifically web design. You may not notice the trends when casually browsing the web, but they are there and they are drawing you in.  2017 will be full of new trends and refreshed trends that you may have seen in the past. Here is a glimpse of what is to come in the near future of web design.

1. Cinemagraphs


Cinemapgraphs are making an appearance in many websites already. They are composed of a still image that has a moving component, generally in a loop.

Example: The homepage of The Deep End Design features a cinemagraph right at the top of the page. The image is still with a moving train in the reflection of the glass.



2. BOLD Typography


Creative typography was a trend throughout 2016, and it is not stopping there. Take a look around at your favorite websites and pay attention to what they are doing with type.

Example: uses type only for the home page, giving it no other choice than to stand out!



3. Less Stock Photos


The audience seeks authenticity. It is usually pretty obvious when companies are using stick photos and when they are using images just for their site. People like to see originality.

Example: uses all original product and nature photography instead of using stock photos to represent their brand.



4. Video and Animation


Video and animation are ruling the web. The best way to demonstrate a product or service is to see in in action. Videos are eye-catching, informative, and creative.

Example: uses a Hero video of their products being put to use with motion and exercise. That is what the audience is looking for when visiting the Nike site.



With the good, comes the bad…

Too much JavaScript


Sometimes getting too fancy has a negative affect on the user experience. It slows down the site and affects functionality.

Example: While the Website is absolutely beautiful, the extreme use of animation does increase loading time and makes usability confusing.



Thanks for taking a look at my favorite Web design trends for 2017! Comment below what you are looking forward to seeing this year!